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 Want help with a picture for your character?

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Want help with a picture for your character? Empty
PostSubject: Want help with a picture for your character?   Want help with a picture for your character? EmptyWed Jan 09, 2013 6:29 pm

Hey everyone! I just wanted to offer some help with character pictures for bios. I know how hard it can be to find that exact picture of what you want your wolf to look like, so I figured I'd help out. I'm majoring in Graphic Design, and (obviously) really into art and photoshop-type stuff. So, here's the deal:

1. For simple stuff, like changing something on an already-made picture (i.e. the shape of the eyes, the color of the fur, anything that's just basic altering of a photo) I can do pretty quickly, within a day or so depending on my schedule. Just post below or send me a PM of the picture you have and how you want it altered. I'll give you a better idea then.

2. If you want me to start from scratch, I'm not going to promise a time. I'm not that professional yet, so I can't really whip out detailed pictures quickly and it does take time. I'm in school currently (and overall a lazy bum) so this may take a bit longer, and maybe you can request this after i've done a more basic picture for you, because you're going to have to wait, and I want you to have /something/ >.<;;.

3. I can also help out in making an avatar picture or siggie. I can add text, shade, all that good stuff, so just lemmie know what you need.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Want help with a picture for your character?
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