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 Roleplay Rules & Guidelines

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Roleplay Rules & Guidelines  Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules & Guidelines    Roleplay Rules & Guidelines  EmptySat Dec 08, 2012 3:34 pm

This topic includes the rules of the roleplay. Please follow these rules or risk getting a reminder or warning.


    The minimum length for posts is six sentences, which is 5 lines on the site (Arial, size 12,
    unedited), but members are indeed encouraged to write more than this. Regals will be somewhat
    lenient about this rule and will only result in reminders, in most cases, but if the offence is severe
    (one line posts) and often repeated it may result in a warning.

    Like anywhere on the forums, minor swears are allowed in roleplay while major swears are not.

    Do not injure another character without their consent. Furthermore, fights resulting in death are
    frowned upon and not encouraged, however, are allowed when permission is given from the other
    character and the alpha. Do realise that your character will have to face consequences in roleplay
    for injuring or killing another.

    Roleplay realistically and try your best to avoid clichés. A list of clichés/things not to do can
    be found here.

    No mating/breeding is to happen in the RP. If you must roleplay this, keep it in PMs. Keep in
    mind you are allowed to have mates and to have pups, but you may not describe the breeding itself.

    If you and your mate want to have pups, message an Alpha and see if they'll allow it. Breeding
    season in RP is in winter and the birthing season is in spring.

    A maximum of 5 pups can be born, and each parent can RP one pup. Other pack members, with
    permission from the parents, are allowed to roleplay one pup each. Pups who cannot find anyone
    to roleplay them will have to die/be stillborn.
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Roleplay Rules & Guidelines
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