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Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:27 pm by Coventina


Placed in the year 2018, a widespread drought has affected much of the Western Hemisphere and select parts of the Eastern Hemisphere. Populations of animals suffered during this drought and biodiversity was scarce. As species died from this drought, the food chain was beginning to break and the Western Hemisphere lost balance. Smaller populations of humans in villages which were unable to receive medical attention and the necessary elements needed to survive perished along with many of the animals. The pack is nestled in one of many valleys in the Glacier National Park, a mountainous area located in Montana. Many lakes also scattered the area (130+ named), although after the drought, lakes and rivers without the mountain's glacier water have dried up, the trees and plant life in the surrounding areas, dead. Much of the park has survived, however, since the glaciers situated in the mountains ranges melt over time and give water to lakes and valleys.

We are a semi-literate to advanced roleplaying site, focusing on wolves and realistic roleplay.
Characters will have realistic eye colors and fur, and it is encouraged that you make a character
which has a unique appearance with few clichés, as well as a unique history and personality.
Roleplay is nothing without different characters and personalities!

Before the event that changed her life, Coventina Cosconia was relatively happy. The she-wolf was the next contender for the place of alpha and she had few competitors. As Coventina would always say, 'life was sweet.' However, this happiness did not last. Drought began to ravage Coventina's home, not only that, but it also had devastating effects on packs and the prey which populated the land. Prey animals and wolves alike were constantly picked off during the drought and, if the wolves didn't die from lack of water, they would be killed if their hunger went unsated, and of course, with little prey to go around, it did. As Coventina's long days went by, she and her family's spines and ribs grew more visible. Each day, she'd wake up to be greeted with the sight of another dead family member or friend beside her, a feeling Coventina grew accustom to. By the time the majority of the pack was deceased, Coventina and the pack knew what to do. Leave.

However, the alpha male was stubborn and stood his ground. The wolf would not leave his home and his arrogance clouded his will to survive and make the right decision. His mate, the alpha female, chose to stay with her mate, although she knew the right decision was to move. One midfeilder stuck by aswell in the hopes that the drought would pass and she would later become beta now that Coventina had left. Coventina and the other members of the pack later dispersed from the pack in a search for more fruitful lands. At first, the dispersed wolves formed a group and, when they found a safer location, they would settle as a pack, although as time passed without much hope that they'd find a better location to live, wolves left the group and went on a more independent search. Eventually, Coventina was the only one left searching, as the rest had left her. In time, Coventina found a place which was habitable. Small populations of mule deer and elk thrived here, as well as other small prey animals, and had sufficient water to meet the needs of many animals and was plentiful in grasses and foliage for both grazing and browsing herbivores.

This place of safety turned out to be Glacier National Park in Montana, a place with 2 major mountain ranges, not to mention other minor mountains scattering the area. Along with mountains, Glacier National Park has over 130 named lakes. This area was hardely affected by the widespread drought, as glaciers further up the mountains grant the park the needed waters for the plants and animals living in the area.

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